today I have decided to write a blog about the game which I've played recently.

That was SnG $0.50 45man NL Hold'em Turbo

I'm gonna write 3 posts about this game. It will be:

- phase 1 from the beginning to the final table

- phase 2 from the beginning of the final table to "HEADS UP match" (<-- this one will be the most interesting part because I had forced ALL-IN with my stack of 263chips on BB when blinds where 400/800 )

- phase 3 "HEADS UP match" at the final table

I'll try to analyze my decisions in one or another situation. Please be free write any comments.


I'll comment my played hands based on my video.

Everything has started when I have decided to play 3 tables: SS Sat $0.33, The Hot $0.55 and SnG $0.50 45-man Turbo (look at SnG $0.50 45-man Turbo table and please don't pay attention to other two tables because I have no succeed to go further)

Video time 08:35 - BLUFF. I'm in CO with JsKd everyone folds and I rise 3x, BB calls, flop 7s2cQs, Villain (VL) checks I cbet 50% of pot (my message to VL is that I have pair of Q or better), VL calls, turn Qh, VL checks I bet pot size by letting him know that DUDE now I have TRIPS of Q you need to stand back

Video time 31:45 - LUCKY ME. I go 77 and I'm in UTG. I have 11 BB so it's very good position to shove all-in because of almost critical size of stack. VL from UTG+1 accepts my challenge and other players fold. VL shows 88 vs my 77 (it was punch to my nerve system LOL ) and the flop QdJh7h YES I GOT SET and then turn Qc and river 5h, it didn't help VL to stay.

Video time 32:28 - ROCKETS. Next hand AA but I'm not happy how I played it. I could win more chips. I'm BB with AcAd in MP VL limps B min rise, I rerise with 3x of his rise and he calls, flop 4d10dKd and I went will all-in and VL folds. I should check-call instead  and make VL put his chips in the middle for me.

Video time 43:02 - LACK OF LUCK. I'm SB with KK (my stack ~11BB) everybody folds I min rise (turned on slow playing) and BB with stack of 6BB calls, flop 7d8d5s, I bet 2BB and VL rise , I shoved VL calls and VL shows cards 5h8h (he got 2 pairs), turn Jh and river Ah, VL won. I have left with 5BB stack. OMG that was very sick


I reached final table (FT) with 513 chips when blinds were 400/800 a 50.

Comments are very welcome.


To be continued .....