I'm back with my journey to win PCA MEGA SAT ticket for $700.

ROUND 3 - PCA MEGA Sat: 300 FPP NLHE [FPP Path, Hyper-Turbo, Rd 3/5]

OK, it will be hard but still everything is possible A little bit luck, no TILT, no confusion and the ticket will be mine to Round 4

Let see:

My Comments and interesting hands

Video time 3:00 - got 87s on the B, HJ limped and I rised 3xBB, HJ called and flop As4sKh, and I go with Cbet ~50% of pot , HJ folds. Nice bluff
Video time 7:25 - got AQo on the B, UTG+1 rise 3xBB and I was on the cross roads of fold or of call, I decided to call (thought he has AK or AQ). Let's see a flop which is 9s5cJd he checks I rise 50% of pot  and he calls, Js on turn, Villan checks, I check, Qc on the river, he bets ~1/3 of pot  and it was confusing bet from Villain side but I was thing more that he has AK so I called. Villain  shows A10s. I WON. I was almost right about his hand, good read
Video time 10:58 - I'm BB got 8c7c, MP min rise (), SB called I called, flop 5dAc4h, SB check I check, MP bets 60% of the pot I'm fishing called, SB folded,  2c on the turn, I check he bets 60% of the pot I call because a lot of outs there for the flush, and 10d on the river ....  I didn't get a flush I check he's all-in I folded. Mistake: I should folded my hand after a flop. What I have tried to find on the turn clubs ? But I needed two clubs card in a row, possibility was very little. Bad play.
Video time 16:11 - I had A9o UTG+1 my stack 9,5BB and I folded was it good decisions, any comments please about this hand ? Mostly of a time I lose with A9 with 8-10BB with all-in from UTG, UTG+1 ir MP positions. But what is correct play ?
Video time 23:09 - I got 99, UTG+1 was short stack he goes allin with ~3BB I rerise to allin and ....... no luck he gets flush ( I got down to 4BB. No luck.
Video time 30:51 - I'm SB, stack 2BB hand K8o UTG+1 limps and .... it was my mistake to fold that hand. It was obvious allin but I've panicked and I folded ... board showed 4K8o (TWO PAIRS) .... K8 was good in this position to all-in because UTG+1 could have low pair or 109,J10, o something like that. Bad play.
Video time 33:16 - I'm on the B have Ac7c 1BB UTG rise 3x I call my last BB and ... AA vs my Ac7c BOOM ! I've failed to win a ticket.

I will not give up and I'll try one more time

Good luck for me!