so my plan is to double UP I have 55$ and I'll try to reach 100$.

The games which I'm planning to play is more or less the same as in 50$ challenge:

New one --> I will play $1 NL 90 Players games. I'll stop playing this game if I'll down to 40$.
-- I will play $0.50 NL Hold'em Turbo 45 Players and 90 Players games;
-- I will play ZOOM Hold'em Hally table of $0.01/0.02 6 players;
-- I will try to play rebuy or freezeout sattelites to BIG or HOTTER tournaments with buy-ins less then $0.55. Max +1 rebuy or add-on. 

Wish me good luck 

BTW, I'm encouraging you to play DAILY CHALLENGES because you have your chances to win free money The best result which I've reached 507th place of ~40000 and got 2.25$  Anyone has better experience ? Share please

See you later and good luck at the tables.