Hi guys,


only today I have found time to write a blog. You won't believe me that last sunday I have achieved my 50$ goal, NICE RIGHT ?  It took only 1 day WOW !

In the beginning I had ~32$ in my account. Then I have started to play ZOOM tables 0.01/0.02 and I won 4$.

Then I have continued with THE POWER OF TWO freeroll tournament where I have finished in 13th place. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ?  It was ~1250 players and I went so deep. My prize was 6.10$ That was AWESOME !

Then I have decided to play few sattelites:

-- The Bigger $4.40 Sat: $1.25 Turbo [2 Seats] <--- I shouldn't do that because of my RULE that buy-in shouldn't be more then 0.55$ but I have cheated myself that it's only two buy-ins and I won't play more after that 

-- The Bigger $2.20 Sat: $0.44 NLHE [Turbo], 10 Seats Gtd

And WOLA, I have WON 4.40$ and 2.20$ without any problems.

I have finished the night of my SUCCESSFUL poker session with my favorit game:

$0.50 NL Hold'em [45 Players, Turbo]

 I have finished 2nd with 4.35$ reward.

TOTAL SCORE: with few looses and few winnings  I had ~51$ 


Now I'm ready to go further, ROAD TO 100$ 

I'll keep in touch and see you at the tables !