I'm back with my new challenge. So after I have reach my 30$ goal I have decided to go up up up to 50$.

For about 5 days I was thinking what should I play to reach my 50$ goal. And here it's:

-- I will play $0.50 NL Hold'em Turbo 45 Players and 90 Players games (180 players game still on hold);

-- I will play ZOOM Hold'em Hally table of $0.01/0.02 6 players (I have tried I can see that it works for me);

-- I will try to play rebuy or freezeout sattelites to BIG or HOTTER tournaments with buy-ins less then $0.55. Max +1 rebuy. If I'll win then unregister from tournament by converting ticket to tournament $ (T$);

-- If I'll get down to 25$ then I'll play only $0.50 NL Hold'em Turbo 45 Players games.

I'll tell you a secret. I have registered myself in CHROME BOOST promotion. I'll try to reach 100 VPP to reach CHROME PokerStars VIP Status Level till the end of this month. I hope I'll succeed 

One more thing. I'm encouraging every1 from PSO to play and complete JANUARY DAILY CHALLENGE (of course with the possibility to do that) with opportunity to win cash $1072.50 for the 1st place. It's very BINGO play but still if you'll get lucky then you'll get RICH 

I have already finished 5 daily challenges and two of them I have finished ITM (in the money): $0.30 and $1.20. Of course, I can't do every challenge because I don't have something so you can miss few of them by youself too:

-- Make a real money deposit of $10 or more | I won't do that because of my challenge to reach $50;

-- Play the $11 Sunday Storm, 300K GTD | I can't play because of my low bankroll;

-- Play one real money Sit & Go on your mobile or tablet | I just read that Pokerstars have launched app for ANDROID, YES YES YES ! AT LAST, I'll get managed to play this challenge with my HTC, I JUST WANNA HAVE SOME FUN 

BTW, for those who has registered in THE POWER OF TWO don't forget that this tournament will start today, GOOD LUCK TO EVERY1 !

See you at the tables