Hi guys,





my challenge to reach 30$ has ended on sunday morning at 7:30am. After 6 hours of play I reach 30$ goal ! YES YES YES  I though that it will take ages to complete but with few lessons and with a big stubbornness I did it ! P.S. it's the longest night of play in 2014 so far 

It took 3 weeks, I have played 140 games. Almost all games were only one type, it's:

$0.50 NL Hold'em [45 Players, Turbo]

Four games were different: two games were $0.50 NL Hold'em [90 Players, Turbo], one  $0.50 NL Hold'em [180 Players, Turbo] and one "The Bigger $3.30 Sat: $0.15+R NLHE [Turbo], 5 Seats Gtd".

The Biggest won of the day was $0.50 NL Hold'em [90 Players, Turbo] where I took 2nd place with 7.49$ My final hand:

I didn't believe that he has a Q in his hand, I thought he has low pair from 10,10 to 2,2. AUCH ! But still I LOVE THIS GAME (rock)

The last game which I have decided to try to play and which bring me additional 3.30$ was "The Bigger $3.30 Sat: $0.15+R NLHE [Turbo], 5 Seats Gtd" sattelite. I had 1 rebuy and 1 add-on and the profit was 2.85$ which completed my 30$ goal.

That night I have played 6 tables on my 15.6'' notebook for the first time of my life  and I felt confortable, that was new for me. I understood that I know what to do, how to bet, rise of fold, I know what I'm doing hand after hand and I finally know how to make my game profitable in a long run. 

The hardest thing which was in this Road to 30$ to get rid of my tilt to play games with bigger buy-ins after 10 or 20 losses in a row. That was my biggest problem in the past and fear during this goal, BUT I HAVE MANAGED to defeat it !  I'm very happy and finally I see that one day I can learn to play good and profitable poker.

Please check my result:


Next my goal will be ROAD TO 50$.

Wish me good luck and see you at the tables !