I'M SO MAD ! I'M SO SO SO MAD !!!!!!!



I don't understand why so loose players wins everytime post-flop I push all-in with AA ?! LUCK ? I'm starting to think that it's everything in pokerstars code....

OK OK I know it's not but still:

Today I had another push from my side but more aggresive because I'm scared of those AA and I start to loose my self in "don't know" how to play with AA. I have lost more times than I win with AA hand , it's about 65 to 35 %

PSO members do you have any ideas how to play AA vs anyone ?  As normal card ? No push ? 

Today I'm down to almost 12$. I have played 15 games but no winnings.

Bad day


P.S. Another AA situation. I played that hand good but ...