A Happy New Year !!!!!! (rock)






I'm still on my road to 30$ so few things which happened two days ago was like this:

* I had 4 ACES two days in a row. The first one you saw in #5 post and the second one:

* The same day I had 4 ACES and I had STRAIGHT FLUSH, AWESOME !!!!!

* I had 20 games where only in two I was in ITM and I got down to 16$

* I had AWESOME fold (KK), please take a look:

* I had one failure in a final table JJ vs 66

That player was a loose aggressive type. He raised a lot of hands and saw a lot of flops but because of size bet on the river I have decided that he has better full house than mine. 

* Today I had four games and I get back to ~21$, jeee. I have finished 3rd in two games. Why not 2nd or 1st ? Very simple it's because of LUCK it turn me the back Let me show you how:

a) first 3rd place because of this hand

b) second 3rd place because of this hand

So this is me and how I'm playing poker

Cheers !