Good morning !


It's 6:28am in Lithuania. I just finished playing poker. I have played ~5 hours 4 tables at one time. To tell the truth I am very happy with my results.

In my last post (#4 Road to 30$) I wrote that I was planning to study how to play MTT SNG so I DID IT ! I have made my first step. I've read few posts in Andre “acoimbra” Coimbra website from his challenge 100$ to 100.000$ and I took what I neeeded.

1) I have started to use PokerTracker and HUD function to see statistics of players at the table;

2) I have learn VPIP/PFR (“Voluntarily put money into pot” and “Pre flop raise”) stats, what is it, how to use it.

Today I have played  20 games of $0.50 NL Hold'em [45 Players, Turbo]

Today I have finished 1st for the first time !!!! And I did it two times

Today I have finished in the money 4 times.

Today I have had FOUR ACES !!!!!!!

Today I have 20.31$ in my account and only 9.69$ left to collect to reach my 30$ goal ! 

IT'S GREAT DAY !!!!! and I'm going to sleep now

See ya at the tables !