WELL .... well .... WeLl .... I need to concentrate playing poker very much if I want to reach 30$.


- I have played 26 games;

- 5 times I have reached final table;

- 5 times I have finished in pay positions:

--- 1 time I was 6th

--- 3 times I was 5th

--- 1 time I was 4th

- I have 5.82$ left. Not much.

I have decided to take a brake from playing and I'll start to analize my play, I'll start to study.

Thank to PSO blogger who has written about his new challange 100$ to 50.000$ where he mentioned his inspirator from PokerStart Team Online Andre “acoimbra” Coimbra who stil having challenge 100$ to 100.000$ I'm planning to read everything he posted and I will try to move my self from a dead point where I'm now.

Good luck to every1 !