today I have decided to make a quick pit stop in my 0.50$ MTT S&G games and play free tournament "PokerSchopp December Festival Freebuy (FREE entry, 0.30$ rebuys) - 100 x 3.30$ tournament tickets guaranteed !". The ticket to this tournament I have received because I have participated in MTT training.

One thing I can say: IT'S VERY HARD TO PLAY FREEROLL TOURNAMENT !!!! You asking me WHY ? So please read this story where you will find the answer to that question.

My play begun from fourth hand as I was BB with Ah,3h and only CU limped. The flop 10d,Qs,Qh and I check he bets I call and turn comes with 7h. ALL RIGHT, flush draw then I check he bets I call and I see 10h on the river, FLUSH awesome I check .....

I think it was good fold it seems that he had a flush with 10 or Q .... or maybe not

Then comes my seventh hand with 9s10s in CU position. I limp B rise x4 I call. Flop comes with 3h,5c,9c I check he bets and I ....

After his fold he shows me one card As. I think that I played very aggresive with top pair but it worked !

13th hand I have started with Ah,Jd in my hand in B position. I bet x3 and SB rerise me x3 and then I though hmmmm he definately doesn't have AK or AQ, small pair .. maybe, so I have decided to push him and he ....

With Ac,8c he called my ALL-IN, really ???? OH C'MON !!!!!! And 3 eights ... BOOM ! I think I played well but luck was not at my side.

It was painfull but I needed to REBUY even I was dedicated my self in playing only 0.50$ MTT S&G. I though that 0.30$ is less than buy-in in 0.50$ MTT and it's big possibility to win 3.30$ ticket so I have decided to try. I got another chance and 1500 chips.

21th hand. I was in SB with Jc,Jd when CU bet x2 then I rerised him with x3 and he folded:

Statistically when I have JJ in my hand someone calls my bet and someone catches something bigger than JJ. This time was different oponent folded his cards, I was suprised

12 hands I have played by folding or calling/folding. No good cards, no good catches.

33rd hand. I have not much left in my stack 835 and blinds 25/50. I'm in HJ position, UTG and B were sitting-out, my cards were 8d6d so I have tried to take advantage of sitting-out postitions and I have bet x2.5 

I have succeeded. It was great move !

34th hand. At last I got big card As,Kd:

For me this happens all the time in freerolls. I rise, someone calls and I don't catch anything on a flop, finally I lose because someone gets pair of numbers. I think that this hand I have played well. If I would try to bet after the flop he would called me because I think that he knew that I could have AK,AJ or AQ and he thought that it would worth to try to fish an straight because he has straight draw and he had chips almost 6 times more then I. OK, even after the flop and our checks I would try to bet he definately would called so it's good that I'm still in the game.

39th hand. Blinds 50/100. I went all-in in SB with 8d,Qs with 510 chips. BB had chips 8 time more then I but he folded. I was happy

49th hand. Big blinds, no stack and I was trying to catch something with Js9s:

No luck. Bad move. I should folded or I should go all-in.

56th hand. Almost no chips left, I was in BB and SB initiated all-in so called it and I won BINGO my 7dJs vs Ad2c.

58th hand. FINALLY the card which I planned to use as my all-in and to double up:

OMG, what I failure ! I was scared that my all-in vs two other all-ins (I was sure that the limper will go all-in) will be failure and this happens very often when I play freeroll so I folded that had by thinking emotionally not rationally. DON'T DO THIS ! I understood that this kind of hands will be winning hands in a long run.

After few hands rebuy period ended and I have decided to buy add-on 2500 chips for 0.30$.

First hand after add-on period I didn't play but second one I have try to play with Ah10h, it was "great":

Didn't catch the flush, he caught full house and my performance in this tournament was ended. OK, I know that it was bad move I admit it. Ah,10h was weak hand to bet x2.5 from UTG+1.

I have finished 351st (825 were registered)

Summary. It was interesting, it was tought and I have learn few lessons.

See you at the poker tables !