I'll be very short because I have accidentely refreshed my post and every word which I wrote just GONE

I'm back with the new start and the with new strength. It will be dediceted to one simple lesson, BANKROLL MANAGEMENT (BRM).

I have broke lots of times, the last time was the biggest broke and it kicked me to think about what do I want from poker. Fun ? Lose ? Reload ? Win ? Be the best ? Don't broke anymore ? I had lots of thoughts in my biggest time-out from poker for the last two years, it was almost 3 weeks.

Before getting back to play poker I have read article and watch video (thank to frosty012) about HOW TO MANAGE YOUR BANKROLL. It helped me to understand theory what should I do to accomplish my goal.

My fresh start will be from only 10.22$ (I had in FTP room which I transfered to PokerStars account. I didn't want to start from reloading my account AGAIN with 50 or 100 or more $).

I will play ONLY this type of game $0.50 NL Hold'em [45 Players, Turbo]. I know that it's only 20 games but  $0.25 NL Hold'em [45 Players NO TURBO] doesn't fit me.

I hope I will succeed to make 30$ and after that I will decide what to do next.

I will post with my success of failures.

Wish me good luck.