I have played only 3 games and with no success:


$0.50 NL Hold'em [45 Players, Turbo]  $0.45+$0.05  28/45  $0.00

$0.50 NL Hold'em [45 Players, Turbo]  $0.45+$0.05  29/45  $0.00

$0.50 NL Hold'em [45 Players, Turbo]  $0.45+$0.05  24/45  $0.00

But I learn my lessons well:


OK, x3 rise with A9 from UTG ? Not good. But I shouldn't be so aggressive after I got the highest pair on the flop. OK, I though that he can have AK, AQ, AJ so I pushed that he could stop thinking about calling it. I failed


x3 rise with 44 from UTG when blinds are so small ? OH C'MON ! I know that I should limp or fold but 3x rise ?! And in the end I saw my mistake but NO, I need to call ALL-IN, "SUPER" !

After few my hands I went all-in with Q8s with my 6BB stack from the B and someone had AA BOOM !


FISHING ???? OMG, what was I doing ? I think that in this case I should pushed all-in.

After few hands I got KJo and from UTG with 2BB stack went all-in and guess what happend ? My brothers AA meet me BOOM second time !

That's about all for now.