it's very strange to start blogging again but I understood without blogging I'm finished What do I mean ? It's simple: I play, I lose and I lose, and then I Lose, LOSE LOSEEEEEEeeeeee ... can't get my bankroll management to work, no patience AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa 

I promise I will start from the begining and AGAIN

I will end playing my MTT $1.50 NL Hold'em [45 Players, Turbo] and after success or failure (future will show) I'll decide what to do next, what kind of games to play, with how big buyins and etc.

Wish me my very VERY very best luck because today it's not my day in this type of game, I have played 5 or 6 games and I have lost with pairs 10,10; 9,9; 2,2; J,J

See ya.