second try. Accidentally deleted everything I wrote DAMMIT !

Last few days was very hard for me. I was down to 55$ but ... today I get back to ~84$ YEEEeeeeeee 

I was playing ZOOM 5NL a lot but when I lost 25$ per day I have decided to stop playing. Lack of skill ? Maybe, I don't know ?! But luck it's very important in poker. I have decided to stop playing ZOOM because there are a lot of players who are very aggresive by playing very week hands and even after re-rise they continues to play and guess what, BOOM, they catch NUTS on the river and you loose.

After that I have stop playing ZOOM and decided to play my favorite type of game SnG MT and guess what, first play and 1ST PLACE !! 

Ended  Tournament  Buy-In+Fee  Rank  Prize

01/27/2013  $1.50 NL Hold'em [18 Players, Turbo]  $1.32+$0.18  1/18  $9.52

But it was not the end, I have tried to play few more SnG MT games - no winnings, few 2.20$ sat to Sunday Storm - no ticket, few more sattelites - no luck and I got down to ~55$.

But today was eveything different. I managed to go up by:

a) winning 24$ in 5.40$ sattelite to Saturday Eliminator Sat: $5.40 Turbo [Knockout, 2 Seats Gtd] (I was the last who didn't get 27$ ticket). 

b) winning T 8.80$ in 0.44$+R sat to The Big 8.80$  (unregistered and my accoount became bigger with 8.80$)

c) won 16.50$ ticket in 0.88$+R sat to The Big $16.50 tournament but unfortunately I should play that tournament because it has already started after sat has finished. Lost but it was fun to play

Now I'm back to 84$, I'm happy and I won't recommend ZOOM game by boosting your account. It much better to play ring game.