Hey guys,



23-24 days were dedicated to sattelites more then to SnG MTT and I had few winnings.

Ended  Tournament  Buy-In+Fee  Rank  Prize

01/23/2013  TCOOP-32 Sat: $1.65 NLHE [Turbo, 1 Seat Gtd]  $1.50+$0.15  1/51  $7.50
01/22/2013  Saturday Eliminator Sat: $5.40 Turbo [Knockout, 2 Seats Gtd]  $5.00+$0.40  1/64  $27.00

Of course, I unregistered from those tournaments to boost my bankroll

Take care.

P.S. Now, I'm playing The Big 33 Sat: #1.65$+R wish be good luck, 7 players left till the bubble, aaaa ! 

OK, just ended the last on the bubble:

Dammit !