I'm back and I just got CHROMESTAR status !!  YEEEEEEEEeeeeeee !!!

My Situation: I have 97$ in my account. The maximum amount which I had was ~115$ but I got down.

Mostly was I was playing 1.5$ buy-in 18,27 and little 45 players games. I have started to play ZOOM 5NL and I like it. I'm planning to play ZOOM more frequently.

BTW, I have the possibility to play in the first TCOOP tournament TCOOP-01: $27 NL Hold'em [6-Max], $750K Gtd by winning tournament ticket in TCOOP-01 Sat: $2.75 NLHE [Turbo, -Shootout, 3 Seats] and actually it was AWESOME. But I didn't win anything I have finished at 7078 out of 38176. I think that I have played well but the luck have left me when I was holding 77 and the chip leader has called me with J10s.

I'm still playing, I'm still here and I'm gonna see you at the tables.




P.S. My today's luck at the poker tables looks like this:

I finished 5th to those in this 0.55$ sattelite who didn't get the ticket to 5.50$ tournament