So HEADS UP has started. My first hand was JJ:




OMG, really ??!?!? I was thinking that I won but not yet (FIRST TIME)

After 12 hands I got KK, FINALLY, I though this's it


I though it was my end but after 3 hands I shoved all my chips:

YAHOOO ! I was still alive.

I have rehabilitated myself and after 10 hands we went all-in:

YES YES, THIS'S THE END !!!!! I'm gonna WIN and I have shoved all-in with A5:

DAMMIT !!!!!!!

After 9 hands he pushed me to the edge:

RIVER ?! AND AGAIN ?! C'MON !!!!! IT'S CONSPIRACY AGAINST ME !!!!!!!!!!! C'MON !!!!!!!!!!!!! (THIRD TIME)

Then I understood that there's no possibility to be the 1st and please take a look at my last  hand:

72o was my last chance to understand was it conspiracy or not ?


Now, I have 17,89$ in my account and I'm very happy about my achievement.

Good luck guys at the poker table ! I hope you have enjoyed my post