Hey guys and Happy New Year ! 


no luck at the evening of New Year but this happens all the time, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but my challenge to learn how to manage bankroll is still valid.

Today I have played a lot but ..... please take a  look to my results:

Ended  Tournament  Buy-In+Fee  Rank  Prize
12/31/2012  $0.25 NL Hold'em [45 Players]  $0.23+$0.02  25/45  $0.00
12/31/2012  $0.25 NL Hold'em [45 Players]  $0.23+$0.02  14/45  $0.00
12/31/2012  $0.25 NL Hold'em [45 Players]  $0.23+$0.02  38/45  $0.00
12/31/2012  $0.10 NL Hold'em [360 Players, Turbo]  $0.09+$0.01  22/360  $0.27
12/31/2012  $0.25 NL Hold'em [45 Players]  $0.23+$0.02  22/45  $0.00
12/31/2012  $0.25 NL Hold'em [45 Players]  $0.23+$0.02  41/45  $0.00
12/31/2012  $0.25 NL Hold'em [45 Players]  $0.23+$0.02  32/45  $0.00
12/31/2012  $0.25 NL Hold'em [45 Players]  $0.23+$0.02  6/45  $0.62

Awful, right ? One final table and 0.62$ prize. That's all. I got down to 14.66$

No good cards, no luck, bad sence of bluffing ... all-in-one lol

Few examples about the luck:

One more was I had AKs on BB, everyone folds to B, the B calls, SB folds, I go all-in (my stack ~12BB) and B calls with AJs. He catches the flush lol

I have tried to play 0.10$ 360 players turbo but I promise it won't happen again. It was my big mistake. Players who's playing that tourament is totally BINGO guys believe me. I got lucky there ! I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO PLAY THAT MTT !

More I have tried to play FPP sattelites. Espessialy Sunday Storm 5 FPP+R and I was so close to get a ticket but ..... OMG, OM*G that looooooose player who went ALL-IN on the B with nothing (I called him because his play (last 3 hands) become very loose).  Here it's my epic FAILURE to get the ticket (BTW, I was 29th and 25 players got the tickets):

That was my store of today.

See you next year !!!!!! HO HO HO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY !