just played 3 games 0.25$ 45 players. OMG, no luck at all !

The first game I have tried to survive very hard even I didn't get any good cards: did few bluffs, one hand was lucky when I pushed all-in (8BB) from a button with mine K2s vs J6o (pyphead called me from BB) but when I get AKo guess what happened ? Just watch:

The second game I have finished 16th and guess what cards did I have at the end ? YES, correct KK:


When I have started to play the third game I said to my self, I SHOULD GET TO THE FINAL TABLE. And guess what ? I did it but AGAIN, luck just abanded me. AT first when I got AK ....

Yes, I have affraid of that that he hold QQ, KK or AK. But I don't have any comments when the same person called me with AJ 

I didn't have any comments. Flush vs trips ? C'MON !!!!!

But still I have finished 7th and got a reward of 0.36$

GOOD LUCK to everyone at the poker tables !