this post is dedicated to my thoughts HOW HARD IS TO MANAGE BANKROLL !!! AAAAAAA !

I used to play with any buyins, I used to reload my account when ever I want and it was cool but NOW when I have a plan and steps what should I do to manage my bankroll, IT'S SO HARD,AAAAA!

Now, I'm playing only HOLDEM NL 0.25$ 45 players not turbo. It takes ~2,5 hour to finish it till the final HU, when I play that game and I see notifications about other sattelites or up coming touraments which I used to play then I'm getting my hands so itchy to PLAY those but .... I STOP thinking about that because my plan is different. I SHOULD LEARN HOW TO MANAGE MY BANKROLL OR I'LL KEEP  LOOSING MY MONEY !

By sitting and by playing one or max two tables per time I was thinking what type of game I can play more to speed up everything. Maybe 0.10$ 360 players turbo ?? NO, it's too much players. 0.02$ 990 players turbo ? NO. Then I remembered the video of Tyler “frosty012” Fros about Bankroll Management where he was telling a story about his bankroll management that he was playing sattelites using FPP esspecially Sunday Storm sattelites. YES, BINGO !!! I have FPP and I can try to play those. Of course it's nice to save it and after a while use it in VIP STORE to exchange to great pokerstars stuff but my goal is different now, isn't it ? 

I still have 435 FPP so I found Sunday Storm sattelites 5+R FPP which I'm planning to play.

BTW, I have already played few sattelites but with no luck. It's like a BINGO game I hate rebuy games but I CAN DO THIS I have a plan and I know what I should do to grow my poker account !