0.45$ left in my bank :  DON'T CRY FOR MY A R G E N T I NA !!!!!

OK, I'm gonna start from the begging. Everything was ok till I get AK one time, then second time and the third time, OMG !!!!! You won't believe it. Check this out:

1. First time.

Ok, he didn't have much $ so I played very aggresive. 

2. Second time after 3 minutes at the different table:

No comments. The same 1010 vs AK.

3. Third time:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!! I don't understand how is it possible ? Will someone from pokerstars monitor me and gave me so tough test ?

After this I got crazy tried to play SnG 1.50$ WHICH WAS VERY BAD CHOSE, I lost

Then what was left, it's only 0.45$ So I played MTT in 0.02$ and 0.10$ buy-in touraments. NO LUCK TOO !
I have 0.01$ left in my bank. 

I don't know what to do. Of coure easiest way to reload my account with 10$ or more but I DON'T WANNA TO DO THAT. Some how I need to learn how to manage my bankroll but 9 days and I short of money

Of course, I can try to play freeroll tourament but it's very hard to win there: PSO, 10FPP or 20FPP and etc.. But I think that I need to borrow another 1$ from my wife's account to pull up myself and start to learn bankroll management lesson. I know that I did few mistakes and I learned it. How, you will see I CAN DO THIS !