After ~80minutes of play at 0.01$/0.02$ Holde'm NL 6-max table I have 4.64$ in my bank.
I just wanted to share with you few hands which I played.

First hand which I'm gonna show is "KINDZIUS1, LUCK JUST SAVED YOUR MONEY :lol: ":

It was hard to fold this kind of hand before a flop but when I saw how desperately they raise and reraise each other then it happend :-D

Second hand I called "I WANNA BLUFF !!!!, BUT .. PAIR OF KINGS IS OK FOR ME TOO" :mrgreen:

But actually I was walking on the edge with this bluff. Only luck helped me. Of course I was planning to throw mine cards after a river but you saw what happend :roll:

Third hand I called "FINALLY I CAN BLUFF" :twisted:

He believed that I have a set of 9 Bad for him :wink:

And the last one I called "WHERE WAS I  :!: :?: "

Nice straight flush which I didn't get :-?

C u :-P