When I have started to write a blog and to play poker by trying to learn how to manage my bankroll I have started to get amazing combinations of cards which I did get much lately.
So far I had a royal flush, yesterday I had  and a full house of  amazing right (about failures I'm gonna write in Day 7 it's today, I have had AMAZING lost of my chips AA vs AA :-D ) ?

OK, I'm back now about my play Yesterday second play which I had was ~60minutes. Standard ring game 0.01$/0.02$ Then I had four J and a the biggest full house AAAxKK which let me to get reach for a moment but in the end of the session I had failures with unluck/bad calls, DAMN ! My bank reduced to 3$ only ;(
Nothing more special happend. One good thing that I have learn how to stop playing when bad luck came on me, it's important to control yourself when lost starts and you can't do anything about that EXCEPT stop playing and get rest from a poker. Keep it in your mind poker manJAKS :-D