HO HO HO !!!!

A Happy New Year TO ME ! :-D Just won with AA vs KK Last time I lost vs a set of 8.
Actually, I was lucky today because I more then double up my bank from 1.50 to 3.72$ after 30 minutes of play.

As usually I was playing ring game Hold'em NL 6 max 0.01$/0.02$
First, I have started to play at one table with 1$ after I won few additional ct I have started to play at second table (you know that you can started to play ring game 0.01$/0.02$ 6max starting 0.80$ in your account).

After several hands I got AA and then I have started to think how should I play this kind of hand (remembered my last lost), so I was on a small blind so button rise to 0.08$ and I pushed all-in (~1.20$), he accepted. Then I saw KK in opponent hands and I was praying till I saw the river card :-D I WON !!!!!!!! It was very hard to believe it but I have accepted this as a gift for today from PokerStars :-D After 10 seconds I have started to play next hand :mrgreen:

The lesson which I learn today that when you get AA on your hands you should play very aggresive. Last time when I have lost I did a mistake I rised only 3 or 4 times a BB, so it was not enough for opponent who has a pair in his hands. All-In (coin flip :wink: ) or rise/reraise minimum ~10 times a BB/opponent rise.