yesterday I have played fourth time, so it's Day 4. And I have played two times. Finally I have only 3.09$ left in my bank even I was reached almos 9$.
I can say one thing that I have learn one very important lesson: every hand should be played well-thought-out. Every your bet or reraise should tell a story and it deppends on you will opponents believe in it or not. Yesterday after I have reached top of my bank I just started to play very loose and finally I lost a lot of my money.

I have played 50 minutes session and 30 minutes session. I have played at 2 tables, started with 1.6$ at each.
First 30 minutes of play was very profitable: I had royal flush (hearts) for the first to in my life !!!!!! I had a set with 99 and with this combinations I reach the top but after that I started to play very loose, my bet and rise stories were worthless and no one believed in it.
First all in (~1.6$) I have lost when I have tried to bluff when I have had nothing in my hands and the was  straight on the table from 3 to 7. I bet half of my stack after the river and opponent reraise me all-in, so I called because I thought that he doesn't have anything just trying to scary me with the straight on the table but finally he had 8 on his had.
Then I had AA and I have tried did not believe (but inside I knew that he has a set) that one opponent had a set after a flop so I have bet half of my stack after a flop he called after the turn I went all-in and he called so finally he had a set of 8 and I lost my 1.6$ again.

After that I stopped playing and then after few hours I had another session where I lost ~2$ with my careless game.