Well, it was an amazing night in the fact that I was able to successfully bring some real poker to my own little hamlet. I love the game of Texas Hold'em and to be able to play for an opportunity to win a seat to the main event of the WSOP is just totally awesome. I played two games on our inaugural night on Oct 19, 2010. I decided beforehand to play both games differently. The first I was going to use the skills I had learned here at the PokerStar's Online Poker School. The second game I had decided to play the way I had always done. I have to admit, the outcomes were very different. In the first game, I did all the things learned in school. Play tight early.Calculate pot odds. And I finished in 4th place. I only played premium hands, according to the hand categories I learned while in school. I have to say it does take time to change your game. During the 2nd game, I reverted back to my old style of playing. I called with practically any two cards. I never once thought about table position. I chased draws almost endlessly. And I ended that game going out within the first 20 minutes of playing. So I guess the moral of this tale is: If you are going to take the time to learn a new way to play hold'em, then take the time put that trainng to use.