Hi :idea: suddenly i got a brainwave to actually learn poker as i have been dabbling online simply really enjoying and learning.(trial and error) hahahaops:

I was first introduced to NLHE through friends social games and found that i caught on. So of course I graduated to online with PS and found a new favorite passtime.  I find playing poker so entertaining that i didnt really consider profits i could have possibly been making if i knew the score!   I've been playing freerolls and microstakes for a couple of years now without a lot of success dollar wise,,BUT..now ive discovered pokerschool and it was right there in front of me all the time!

  I think im improving and have much more understanding of the game and strategy. All this from the first three courses! unfortunately my relentless seach for freerolls has left me in poor standing in the PSO freerolls as im not sure how ive done(well i guess i wasnt through any poker school by the time i realized. Maybe i can catch up.:-? ...You can be assured that i will be making full use of PSO.  stay tuned .... i will be studying nd practicing at the dime tables :lol: O and btw this is my very first blog