HI everybody,

today I have just ended my 20 45 man SNG as an horse with a great result 

My last post wasn't so happy, because I have runned like hell but in the end I have done really good in the remaining 9 games, reaching 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th winning a total of 9,91$ for a profit of 4,91$, for a ROI of 98,2%.

I am so happy about my result and I have just talked to bearxing, who has given me some more suggestion and a review about my game. He is so kind and helpful to me and he is going to propose me another staking offer. So great results for me 

But in the end I am also quite happy about my decisions and my play, but I must improve some more, especially because I had never play the 45 Man SNG and I must learn them more if I want to keep on playing them. 

So the first stake has been good and I hope to keep on playing at my best and to have good results in the long term, that its the most important factor to take in consideration in poker.