Hi everybody,


today I had the time to play some poker and to concentrate on my stake deal. After winning 3,15$ ib the first 3 games today I got back to the 0,25$ 45 Man SNG and in my first 2 games I achieved a 9th and a 3rd place winning 1,70 $.

Good start, a 3rd place is always something good, but I have to say that I have been very unlucky. In fact I have lost 5 showdown at the finale table as a chipleader and starting as favourite preflop, with 4 and 3 players.

But in the end I wasn't so angry for the result, because "luck" is part of the game and in the end I have won 1,70$, increasing my winning to 4,85$ so just another ITM to make profit... SO I told myself, good keep on going you are almost there Pierluigi, keep on going, you are doing well and after dinner I get back to play another 6 games...

and it has been HELL!!! 

Well the best result has been a 9th place then the silence  I have lost almost every showdown, with me as a big favourite.. so the curse of the 3rd place was just the beginning of the end...

Anyway I think  have done some bad mistakes as well, being maybe too much tight in some spot. So I need to improve and I have still 9 games to go. So just one more ITM to be positive for these 20 games and have some profit to share with the bearxing. 

So I am give the best in these games and we will see