Hello everybody,

it's been a while since my last post but I have been away since the 22th Decemeber and I couldn't be at home to play some poker and write down something... 

So basically I took some time off for the Christmas time to prepare and be ready for the New Year as best as I can, but I have to say that it is going to be my last time off from the table and from the blog as well  No more excuses or waste of time!!

Anyway I have some good news, about my private life and my "poker career" as well!!

I want to start about the poker, I finally found a staker OH YEAH!!! The staker is bearxing, he sent me 5$ to play 20 45 man 0,25$. At the end of the 20 games I am going to give him back the money and to share the profit. 

I am very happy about this and I want give the best I can, because  bearxing has been really helpful and he helped my a lot giving me some advices and preparation for the game 

Yesterday I played my first 3 games and I couldn' t have hoped for a better start, in fact after losing my first game ( AKo<KQs) I managed to reach a 5th place winning 0,93$ and a 2nd place winning another 2,22$

I think that I have played well in some spot and that I have run quite good during these 3 games, but I hope to keep on doing my best regardless the decision and to improve my game as well, with some profit. If you want to follow here this is the link to the thread http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?46216-Stake-request

So keep on grinding and lets hope for a good board and a better showdown 

Instead in my private life I just have found a job today and I am going to start on the 21st January!!!OH YEAH AGAIN!!!! 

I will start with a training and then if I pass I will have a permanent job 37,5 hr per week. But I am willing to keep on playing and grind as much as I can to become a better player and to invest some money in doing that by finding some coach, keeping me motivated like never before!!!

So lets keep going and give all I can!!!