Hi everybody,

two days without any news for me even if I don't think it is suck a big concern for most of the people of this world 

Anyway in those 3 days I have been playing freeroll and start to look for a staking. Well about the freeroll I had a good run and made 3 more tickets for round 2, and I am happy about it, but now I have to win in the round 2 to increase my roll in some way. Other then that I also managed to finish one of the Open league freeroll inthe first 60 position, taking 1 cent in my account and making a lot of points for the league.

But I need to gain some more points to win the 0,50$ reward, and unfortunately after the big result I have been a little bit unlucky, losing with monster hands preflops at the beginning of the tourney... but I was expecting it, because its part of the game 

Instead my "life adventure" in the UK instead I have just made the interviews for the NIN and now I am waitng for it, and to find a job as well, but I am confident and I am not giving up 

So now I hope to find a stake or maybe to make some money from a Round 2 event!!