Hello everybody,

today it has been a poker day I just chilled out in my flat share and played a lot of freeroll.

I made some good results in the Open league, by taking arriving in the first 900 and in the first 200, not so good but even bad I have to say.

Instead in the freerolls qualifier I finally managed to ship a ticket!!!YEAH!!! ahahah I am really stupid... No it has been really difficult, I won the ticket in a 8 Game freeroll. I started really well placing in the first 50 positions, and I have been in that position for almost all the tournament. But when there were 200 player left a bad play in NLHM left me short and put me down in 150 position... But this time I stayed focused and I managed to get back in the game, with some good play and a little bit of luck. In fact the decisive has been in PLO, when on board I committed myself to the pot with even if I was almost sure that my opponent has 89o in his range. But ,as I said before, I was lucky and a wonderful  came down on the river, giving my a full house. At showdown my opponent hand was .

After that hand I have been in the first 40 position for the rest of the tournament and in the end I won the ticket, not bad at all

I even participated at the EPTlive freeroll, but this time I wasn't so lucky, lose with AQ<KK in an all in preflop, but it happens, even if it's my lucky tournament ahahahaahaha

For tomorrow I am not sure if I will play with my ticket, because maybe I won't be at home and in addition I am not so sure about my ability in LHM... We will see