Hi everybody,

the blog about my life and poker keeps on going on.

About life, today I have been working on my CV all the day, and helped my girlfriend to prepare for an interview. Honestly everything about finding a job and making an interview it's all new and really different from the Italy but it gives us motivation to improve and to do the best we can.

Unfortunately I didn't play poker at all but I had the time to start the quiz and after passing without mistakes the basic I missed the cash game one for just a wrong answer But I am going to try once again tomorrow to pass it without making mistakes.

In the meanwhile I am still thinking about how I want to start my Pokerstars.com career, I want to make a good plan to stick to it, so that I can do things properly, step by step, with little goals to achieve along the way, to keep me motivated and focused.

I hope to have a good plan by this Sunday and to start soon