Hi everybody,
after the long ( and boring ) story of my life I'll talk about my “poker career” until now, I hope someone is going to appreciate it.

I have played Texas Hold'em for the first time during the 2010 new year's eve in an home game with some of my friend, after I had seen it on TV.
We played just 2 sitngo games and somehow I managed to win the first game.

I'll never forget the feeling when I had been betting for the first time and I really fell in love for the games, because it brought back in me all of the memories of when I used to play Magic.
So after that night I have searched on internet to understand something more about the game and the rules. The first site I run through google was the Poker School Online of Pokerstars.it. After watching some training video I made my first deposit of 10 Euro I started to play some micro tournaments, freeroll and sitngo, without good results and in the end I finished with 3 Euro left in my cashier.

Not giving up I continued to study the game more and more, because I had really like the theory  and the strategies behind the games, which made it a skill game. In the meanwhile I wanted to play some ring games and I also wanted to play against players from all over the world, and I registered on Full Tilt Poker, not knowing exactly all the story about the italian legislation on poker.  Anyway I was still a donk  and, I really don't know how, in some way I have managed to breakeven, even if I was playing really bad and my knowledge of the game was still basic.
Unfortunately in May 2010 for some personal reasons , I stopped to play poker to concentrate only on my job.

But in January 2011 I was in my bed with flu and, not knowing what to do, I launched the Pokerstars.it software to play some freerolls. With a lot of luck I managed to win a couple of freeroll and that give my the motivation for starting to study and play the game once again, with more passion and determination. So with the 3 Euro left on my Pokerstars.it account I started to study the sitngo and to play them.

In some way I managed to win 10 Euro. But since I didn't have the possibility to use the first deposit promotion, because I had used it the year before, I have searched for another poker room in Italy to use the first deposit bonus.
Fortunately at that time I have managed to deposit 400 Euro and in 5 months I turned them into 800, by playing micro sitngo with a basic strategy and a good preparation in that kind of game.
But I wasn't still able to play as much as I should, because it was the first time I was multi tabling and the PC I was using wasn't so good to allow me to play with too many tables opened.

In July 2011 the cash games have finally arrived in Italy and I got back on playing on Pokerstars.it with a deposit of 50 Euro, to multi table the micros, NL5, with the possibility of use some promotions from the Italian Poker School Online and a better PC that could allow me to multi table properly.

The results have been horrible, this because I wasn't prepared at all for the cash game and in the end I lost most of my money and I had to do another deposit of 30 euro to finish to clear my bonus and finish with 50 euro on my account... I was really sad, in that moment because after all the time I had passed on studying and playing I was beliving to be a good player, capable to beat the NL5 without difficulty, what a fool.

For those reason I stopped playing for a time to study more and improve my poker skills, but in the meanwhile my life also hasn't been easy at all. In fact I was facing a lot of problem on my work and in my life as well. So I started to think about what I really wanted to do and what I could to be happy in the future.In fact in October 2011 I quitted my job after being verbally assaulted by manager, a really funny story, that helped me to open up my eyes in what I really wanted for my life.

So after leaving the job I started to write my thesis and in the meanwhile I went back in playing freeroll on Pokerstars.it using only the 1000 FPP, challenging myself to not deposit anymore.

In 3 months I managed to reach 100 Euro on my cashier, not a huge win, but I was really happy with that result and in the meanwhile I was studying to improve my game and became a better player.
In January 2012 I had the opportunity to know a professional player, who had started an online site to teach poker to other players. I liked his project and I started to write down some articles, about what I was studying on poker cash games at the moment, and to take care of the site as well.

I had the opportunity the watch him play and I learned a lot from this experience but on the other side, I wasn't playing at all, thinking about the site and my university studies.
In May 2012 he left his poker career, and the project for the poker site as well, so I got back to play but not constantly because I was focused on my completing my university studies.
In July 2012 I have finally taken my bachelor's degree. I was really happy, because after a long time I was doing what I really wanted and I finally had the opportunity to play poker full time.
So I started to play the SNG 27 man, starting from the Micro. I managed to have some good results and increase my bankroll little by little, but I had to stop because I was going leaving for my summer holidays in London and in Hannover.

By the end of August, after my summer vacation I found a temporary job in a library, so that I could save some money for the time that I would have moved to UK and I didn't have many time to play poker online. But when I have had some I have used it to play some HUSNG, that's because I have found them really good to improve my game. By the end of November I have left Italy with 200 Euro on my Pokerstars.it cashier, a quite nice result, but nothig of so special in the end.
So in almost 3 years of play I have managed to win like 500 euro.

Not a great poker career and some impressive result at all. Maybe I could have achieved much better results or maybe not, who knows... The only thing that I regret is that I could have tried to play much more but to be honest with you... I have never had the courage to do it... Yes, I have been scared of failing, to not achieve my goals, that's because I have never believed in myself and in what I can do...That has been, and it's still nowadays, the biggest leak in my life but somehow I am starting to deal with it and I want to believe in myself.

Now I am in UK and finally I can play against player from all over the world and I am happy about it, because I really want to improve my knowledge of the game as much as possible.
So follow me during this crazy adventure, I don't know where I'll arrive but I want, for just one time in my life to believe, in myself and to see where I'll arrive, by doing what I always wanted to: play poker, tell my story day after day and, if I manage to win something, help people in need be devolving part of my poker winnings ( or all of them if they are really small) to some charity association.

Now I only need to see at how I want to reach this goal, because I was thinking of not deposit any money on Pokerstars.com and to use only the money that I could win from the freeroll and the other Poker School Online promotion, like the bankroll builder. But at the same time I am also thinking about staking... I must think about it, any suggestions or questions are really appreciated.

PS: I promise that my next post will be shorter and more interesting