For the last two months or so I was just grinding away at 5NL and hyper sats but its really becoming a bore for me.

I decided to learn a new game which is PLO. Pot Limit Omaha is the second most popular game in poker and seems to be a very fun and profitable game once you follow a few guidelines.

I tested it out for the first time and loved it. It has high variance but one of the keys are is to know when to just give up your big hand and not be a donkey  I'll jump right into 5PLO and setup some goals in a challenge thread. 20 buyins maybe a little risky but I will just move down or reload if I lose 4 straight buyins. 

As for MTT's theres nithing like final tabling one and finishing in the top 3 for big money. When PLO Gods are nit on my side I'll switch to SNG ranging from 45/90/180 turbos starting at $0.50.  

Wont be participating in any SCOOP events unless Im staked or win a free ticket via promotions. 

Let the grind begin!