I have to say that this was one of the best promotions done by PokerStars ever. The January Daily Challenge gave every player an opportunity to win thousands by just playing their favourite games over the course of the month. While only a few lucky players managed to win big it was still +EV opting in and just playing within your limits to recieve tickets to the Daily Allin Shootouts.

The VPP boost to kick off the year was also a nice gesture by Pokerstars which helped alot of us who struggle to get the required VPP's for Chromestar and SilverStar ect. There was also a twitter challenge where you all had to do was was complete your daily challenge and tweet "Mission Accomplished #JanuaryDailyChallenge" and you had a chance at winning A Big 11 ticket every week during January. I was super lucky or maybe it was due to the fact that I played every challenge so increased my chance to win so much! Congratulations to all PSO members who won during the twiiter competition, turn those tickets into thousands!


Finally, if you completed atleast 10 Daily Challenges you would get a ticket to the $100k Allin Shootout. Furthermore, cashing in that $100k Allin Shootout guarenteed that every player would recieve a voucher that can then be used to purchase one item from the "Daily Challenge" category using 625 FPPs!

Once again I was lucky to win and get the min cash so this is what I'm going to buy

I didn't get to play any of the TCOOP promotions on PokerSchooline but that also was a fantastic promotion I wish I took advantage of. Congratulations to everyone who had a good Janauary and hope you continue to suceed in your Poker journeys through out the year