I started my goals after a couple days in January but found myself unable to keep up the pace AT ALL somewhere after the 20th. Reason being I just don't have the time between work, gym, family and friends. It will be very tough to maintain Silverstar  with my limited play but I will give it a shot  starting tomorriw with a few tournaments. 

I will change up my strategy and dedicate the month of February exclusively to tournaments I have time to play. Yes that doesn't make much sense if I dont have much time to play I should just play cash game rught? But I feel tournaments are just more fun which I look forward to playing when I have the hours. 

Thanks to the amazing January Daily Challenge by PokerStars I was able to secure two "The Big 11" tickets from the twitter competition. And make a few $$$ from the allin shootouts. Will play The Bigger $11 in back to back weeks and hope for some run good. I also  added  $0.50 45-man turbo SNG tourneys to my game which have been profitable thus far. I made a video showing my play on one of the very first games I  played . Another session I will upload at a later date showing  me being way more of a LAG player for the win.


Not the best or most exciting commentary in the world  but I try I will constantly find ways to improve my tournament play for this month, thats my main goal other than to make a profit of course and maintain Silverstar.


Good luck at the tables!