While most PSO'ers were taking part in last Sundays Sunday Storm 1 Million Guarenteed I decided not to play because I am focusing exclusivley on Hyper-Turbo 6-Max SNG to prepare for my 2014 goals.(Coming Soon)

So I started by loading up 6 tables and immediately noticed there were so many regulars including one who is in the top 10 leaderboards. I wasn't intimidated or anything, even though my coaches said try to avoid regulars because you will make less ROI vs them compared to the casual fish.

The match began every standard but by hand 19 we were on the bubble with me having a slight lead in chips over the top 10 reg. But by hand 39 after playing cat and mouse the bubble finally broke!

Even in that spot with a hand like AJ or even AQ I would be folding, Not just due to his limp which for me is very scary cause you'd think he would just shove in this spot to collect the blinds and antes so I thought he was trapping. After the other reg busted I found myself at a 2 to 1 chip disadvantage HU vs this guy. I remember saying to myself I do not want to play post flop vs him at all hes just too skilled, the blinds were already too high to be min raising, then folding on a bad flop anyway

But to my disappoint hewas doing exact same thing, he was shoving any two cards and unfortunately I couldn't call with any of the hands I was delt. This was the story until we both woke up with great HU hands in Hand #68

Thinking the game was pretty much over I underestimated him and the variance of a hyper. In just a few hands he was back up to 2.1k chips and I was slitghtly upset he won every allin. where the red point is thats where I was down to 900 chips and went MANIAC MODE!!!! I wasn't even looking at my cards that much to be honest just the allin button. When I took the chip lead then I looked for a good hand to take him down and eventually did!

In the end I went on to win 16 of the 22 remaining hands of one of the best SNG I have played to date. Over 20 minutes and exactly 99 hands   I would love to play a table full of regulars again, the level of play is simply exciting, and not only that but during those SNG I played I cant remember experiencing one sick bad beat as opposed to playing with retarded fish who suck out everytime on the river

Good luck on the tables and start setting your 2014 goals!