This past Sunday was one of the best experiences I've had on poker yet! I got to play with some of my most favorite poker players in the world including Acoimbra, Talonchick, Xflixx and Jorj95


I was card dead but managed to make a few steals while playing tight for the most part while others were super aggressive. About 30 minutes in I woke up with JJ and played my very first hand vs a Team Online Pro in a tournament and this is how it went down

*Note to self* When Talonchick 4-bets allin its a good idea to fold with the above holdings

Ahh I got coolered and was on life support desperately looking for some kind of spot to get back in the action. Each Team Online Pro had a bounty of $25 and I just missed out on mine vs Talonchick but then she herself got into an unlucky spot

The perfect senario arised on the very next hand which resulted in one the best moments of my poker career NO WAY I WAS FOLDING AND MISSING OUT ON THIS SHOT OF A LIFETIME!

"BINGO!!!" I shouted. The poker gods would not let me go empty handed,  I not only quadrupled up but I knocked out a Team Online Pro and collected $25 and got revenge from the JJ vs KK. After the hand we had a short convo:

Killeraxa89 said, "yay"

talonchick [observer] said, "gg.all the best players!"

talonchick [observer] said, "see you next month!"

Killeraxa89 said, "revenge!"

talonchick [observer] said, "lol @ revenge!"

talonchick [observer] said, "! "

squeeze10 said, "i hate you killer "

squeeze10 said, "there was my bounty"

Killeraxa89 said, "<3 yeah"

Killeraxa89 said, "was gonna call with anything since i could win bounty"  

I later busted with AJ vs AQ. I will always remember this moment and experience as I continue to push onward in becoming a sucessful poker player. Special thanks to Team Online for the ticket and I hope to play against them in the near future!