After a very disappointing Carnival on PokerStars I just don't feel like playing much which affects my decision making. None of my goals were reached this year except Silverstar last month then a huge downswing began and I took a break then too. GoldStar was very possible but I felt the variance to achieve it would hurt the little profit I built to play 3 tables of 10NL zoom. Crushing the 5NL was funny with a $55 bankroll was funny while it lasted. 

So with the MicroMillions expected around mid November I will take this time to reflect on all the important tournaments played using a universal hand replayer and then come back next month stronger than ever....and maybe with a bigger bankroll   Still probably won't play half of the events just a select few that meets my playstyle ( Turbos may be left out except a 3x rebuy or two) 

Finally I need to have a 1 on 1 with...well myself  as to why I want to come back and keep playing?  As of right now the way I feel its not even much about the money. Its just flat out being going at something I enjoy doing for countless hours at a time. Its like a video game you want to get good at and overcome all the difficult levels of the game. Money, fame and traveling the world as a great poker player are dreams  that only a select few ever reach. So before that happens all I care about is getting better, everything else will fall in place. 

Quote of the day : "Remember To Take All Thing In Moderation (Even Poker)"