My first week of playing 5NL zoom cash games has been just a great experience I've took my share of bad beats and coolers and dished them out as well maybe even harder. I'm glad I made the decision to stop playing tournaments unless its a shot at one here and there that won't hurt my BR  because when I was playing a lot of them I was not making much of a profit.

In less than a week I have gained the basic knowledge from watching Xflixx videos of cash game training sessions and also the motivation to do well on the PSO community like Sandtrap777 and his amazing progress thus far. Though I know a major downswing is inevitable I will control my emotions and try to absorb it and forward on with all the experience I'm gaining

Silverstar VIP

Just today I got my FIRST EVER Silverstar status on Pokerstars which I prematurely thought I got but was off by less than 1vpp

This is very exciting! Now I'm able to benefit from all the freerolls at this VIP level. I will also receive a ticket into the $1Million Giveaway too. Looking to enter in the WCCOP ME VIP Bash satellites which start at only a few FPP.. It was just last year when the satellite WCOOP ME winner "Maratik" turned 40FPP into $1Million so I urge everyone to play and maybe you can be next to win it big from absolutely nothing!

5NL Zoom

I started off with $55 for a total of 10 buyins to start my journey in zoom cash games. I did attempt 2NL first given how small my BR was, but quickly hated it. Did not like the how players bet out or the very nature of 2NL which is seeing people call me down with nothing cause its just $1 or $2 for them. 5NL however felt a bit more challenging and thrilling with success right from the start.

Pre-flop action is very standard for me. I typically open for 3x if nobody does first and I never call an all in shove unless I'm holding AA or KK though I have folded kings pre-flop due to a shove my a huge stack and I also had a 3 buyin stack myself so didn't want to risk running into AA or even AK and being outdrawn. I did play loose in the end to Silverstarwith hands like AK allin preflop to gain some VPP but of course ran into AA every time

My style is unpredictable I play alot of ranges so the regulars and the fish are always guessing what in the world could I have. And yes I do notice the regulars and pay close attention to them. People think just because its zoom nobody remembers you but you have to realize these guys are 2-4 tabling out of 350 and so are you and will be seated with them alot so take note of them.

HUDS like PT4 and HM2 I will never use in making any decision about my play during a session. I think they do more bad then good  Instead you should try and develop a feel for the game without relying every hand on a tool. I do have HM2 trial when I started this 5NL goal but only use it for hand analysis ect after. This is more beneficial in the long run to look over key hands and find what adjustments to make in future situation thus making you a better. Here is a graph of my play of all hands requested from Pokerstars support since I use an Ipad majority of the time

Check out my forum blog for more stats and key Hands of The Day