There are many players who are well rounded in all types of poker games from Hold'em to Ohmaha and Razz to 7 Stud. You hear names like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu who are great players not only in the highly popular No Limit Hold'em games but also in everything else. Then there are players like Issac Haxton who specialize in Heads Up Poker or rare players who are just sick in both cash and tournaments like Viktor Blom.

Myself like many others started playing NL Hold'em games online on Pokerstars and loved the fast pace turbo games and even the slow ones with decent buyins and very large prizepools like the The Sunday Storm 300K. I played many of MTT turbos but always seem to lose majority of the time even when I was a clear favorite. There's also the pressure of having a limited amount of time to play at your own pace with usually only 5 minutes each blind level. This with the combination of card chasing donks sent me on tilt so many times I wasn't enjoying poker.

Discovering Zoom Cash Games

I have never sat down on a regular cash game on Pokerstars for more than 30 minutes except for the 100 billion hand. When Zoom Poker was introduced I played a little and found it exciting and mixed it in with my tournament play. I then stopped it and just resumed MTT's like the MicroMillions which of course sent me on tilt AGAIN even though I didn't exactly have a negative balance. Its just the feeling of playing decent for 3 or more hours and having your monster hand cracked by a donkey on the river makes me want curse at the screen.

Just this month I wasn't playing that much poker besides a few $0.50 45 turbos and reading these forums to see how everyone is fairing. I took an interest into a few blogs including Xflixx and his cash game success and decided I will seriously give it a shot. 

On Friday I deposited $55(yes im cheap) and took advantage of the WCOOP promotion
which will give me just a little extra cash next month which always helps. So I wanted to gain more knowledge playing cash games and looked through videos on PokerSchool and found this great video by Xflixx

However I needed to find my game. I immediately hated 6 max 2NL Zoom for many reasons including the simple fact that I was getting blinded and raised on many times with marginal holdings. I aborted mission and looked for the 9 man 2NL BUT STILL hated it after just 20 minutes of play. I don't know what it was, but in 2NL the players were surprisingly tight didn't get much action so I quickly left that too. Then I felt I finally found my game, 5NL Zoom(9 man) I was loving it so much!!! I saw my bankroll go up to $100+ to $41 or so dollars. But I never once tilted or really cared, why? Because I knew I was getting the hang of it and was enjoying poker once again. In the last 72 hours I gained 160 VPP and slowly but surely I'm getting better at knowing when to know I'm beat and trying to shed my fish status.

So I urge any players who maybe haven't been enjoying poker to try different types of poker games. You can even test which ones you like for play money until you get the hang of it. Watch the videos on PokerSchool. Learn bankroll management(says mr 11 buyins) and find out what your game is on PokerStars.