So the first half of the year has been very brutal for me, pretty much took a break from any serious grinding on STT or MTT. I told a friend all my bad beat stories and he assured me that once I keep getting it in good with the right play I should come out on top. But I said "bro I don't think I want to risk anymore money on Stars" he said "check your skrill account"

I logged in and there was exactly $101 added   I will try my best to get 10k by the years end without having to reload like I've done so many times. I'm a casual player but now that all my exams are over I have nothing to do until November I will try and take it very serious and eat, drink, sleep and do all that other stuff with poker

I guess a good start would be to follow use strategy and learn better BR management and to always stay calm.

Wish me luck

PS: That extra $1 will be awesome to use the World Record Attempt  $300k GTD $25k to 1st OMG!!!

PS2: Also used the bonus code "ULTIMATE" for a free entry into the $1million Ultimate Freeroll by just depositing $50 or more