Like many others I tried to qualify by finishing in the top 400 three times in a row.on the PokerSchools Open Skill Challenge. I began my first stage by oblitherating the field with a 3rd place finish. I got lucky twice in that tournament hitting a river straight and a fullhouse I believe on the flop. Other than that I played very tight and only went allin when I had to.

The 2nd top 400 finish came the next day where my luck ended at 250th place not bad for back to back tournaments. I this brang much excitment cause not only was I one 400th place or better finish from getting a ticket for The Big Bang, but I jumped from Rank "A BILLION" to around 960 on the Open leaderboards. I never really tried to do well here but I figured why not.

So now here comes today the moment of truth AND NOOOOOOOOOO....finished 1495 LOL!!!

All I could do was laugh and shake my head. Not many good opportunities were presented to me so with so with 5 BB left I just decided to shove and hope I could double or triple up but lost out. I have to applaud any players who get 3 in a row top 400 finishes as there are so many maniacs on these free tournaments you never know what they're going to have.

But I got to keep trying until I get it done and also play for the leaderboard to qualify for the premier league for next month and at the same time obtaining the necessary VPP for higher cash rewards so I can more earnings the higher I go in the leaderboards. All in all while I didn'tmake it, I have to say it was fun reaching this far even though there wasn't much money rewarded for 5 hours of play, I know it has atleast improved my game for tournaments especially the up and coming Micromillions on March 14-24.