I am playing in an 18 man sit and go, $1.50 stake. i call all in and lose leaving me with £10 dollar to play on. i am in the small blind so i am automatically all in. Yipee! i win and now I'm playing with $30 dollar. On the button and i'm dealt 77 agian i put all my $30 dollar in winning $90 i am now up to $120. four hands later i have £565 and i am going strong. I am still playing this game I have $9005 and iam chip leader with 4 players left. I never thought i would get passed the next hand but to be chip leader with 4 players left, coming from where i was i am very pleased with my self and the way i've played. Are there any other players that have made miracilous comebacks and would they like to share there experience? I finally finished 2nd after being beat with ak against kq. all in all not a bad outcome