Hey everyone thanks for visiting!

So this is my first blog and it coincides with my first real attempt to make money from poker.

My poker history,
I started playing when I was 16 on pokerstars for playmoney for many years. I then ended up starting some home games and hitting the casino for low stakes tournaments. I am now 22 and have built up a rather solid game and thinking of having a shot at serious money.

I have made this blog to detail my journey and to share it with the world to hopefully look back on one day at see where I became serious about poker!

So to start I currently have around $20 in my account, I had built it to over $400 but had to withdraw due to financial restrictions. Anyway I now have some time and money to re-deposit and start the journey.

If anyone out there would like to give me advice on best practise on going from a fun time player to a more serious look on the game that would be great!

I am also studying through the online material here, I have studied similar material before but now it's time to get involved with blogs and forums to share my views.

To conclude, this is the start and I hope to build this blog and meet you guys at the table some time!