Hey all! I started this venture due to like I said friends bugging me to do it. Last night when I finished up I was like 495th or so. Was looking for another good day today. Well it started out slow I finished in 390 something I think in my first venture. Just never got any cards but enough just to land on the positive side of the points, like 167 or in that neighborhood. 2nd tour was going decent til the phone calls started rolling in and a few other distractions. Yet again I finish in the top half of the field for a few positive points again, like 3 I think.Well it finally calmed down round here was quiet, just me in the house, which to me is just grand!!!!Well I was just chatting with friends online and just playing pretty conservative just to try to get a bigger score in this one. Then I had a pocket pair of tens utg and raised like 3x the big blind. Two others shove all in, we are close to the money and in the positive point side so I call. One has AK the other Aj i believe. The flop came 4 10 10, I just looked amazed at the screen like what the hell happened here? that put me over 100K and 2nd in the tour. Well I'm  excited been here a lil over a week. I'm overjoyed made the final table and finished 4th! Until tomorrow good luck everyone and win big!!!!