Well after my blow up in the early PSO where I lost 17 points and dropped to 700 something, I signed up on the other one, still mad at my play in the last. This one didnt start out exactly liked I hoped I was down to a lil over 500 in chips in bout 15 minutes. The only diffrence this time is that I was a lil more patient and relaxed bout the first few hands. So slowly I fought my way back up to the starting chip count then waited forever it seemed to finally get a decent hand. 2 hours after the tour started I was feeling good had a lil over 10K in chips and just biding my time to make up the points I lost earlier. We finally make the money after a lil over 3 hours I put out the first casher with AK suited vs his KQ off. Flop came Q J 9 two hearts he shoves I call thinking I could hit the straight or flush. He had a pair of Qs, turn came ace, river was a 2. I was happy I won but also happy he cashed giving him the points for making the money also. My last hand I had A4 suited with 11k blinds were 2500 n 5000. Guy pushes I thought the blinds are coming this is my last chance at an ace. So yeah I call, he has 10s. I catch nothing and go out in 31st, but am relieved I made up the points I tossed away earlier. I'm really enjoying meeting the people at the tables and just really having fun with this lil game. Well I'm off to the cash tables for a bit then to bed. Good luck everyone and see ya tomorrow, til then hope you all win big!