I had gradually moved my way up the standings. Knowing each time I played they was a chance I would fall and fall hard. Well in the 5:30 ET tour today that happened. Not sure how I feel bout it, I never get mad at the other players in any tour. I do however, get mad at myself cause I know after the hand is over, I should have played the hand better or sometimes just folded from the begining. I had AA min raised the big blind 3x the small blind called with 89 offsuit. He bet 480 oh by the way he got a 9 on the flop. Well instead of shoving I did a dumb move and just called. He checked the turn I bet 480 he calls. The river was a 9 he shoved and I made my last mistake here and called. Sometimes I just dont think things thru at all. So now it is time to try the 8pm ET tour and see if I can get over the hump of dropping alot of points in the first one. On a good note my friend Almodjoy2 did well in the first one. If ya know me from on here I am always happy even in my failures if my friends do great. I also want to mention a great buddy that is still doing great in the PSO and that is Period Three. Well Good luck everyone and enjoy the experience that this has brought us all.